15th year anniversary

As 2019 draws to a close, we are very excited to celebrate our 15th year anniversary here at Team-M Taekwondo. During our incredible journey, we have made many friends and forever lasting memories. We would like to use this opportunity to reflect what we have accomplished and share with our remarkable story.


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Team-M began as five friends with a unified vision of popularizing Taekwondo through demonstration. With no funding and no official connections to an established dojang, they were forced to practice in an empty garage. To purchase training mats, they performed traditional Lion Dancing at Lunar New Year celebrations,

and their first performance was at a local high school in plain street clothes. Over time, their passion for the sport inspired others to join and Team-M officially established in 2004.

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Team-M first took to the competition stage at the 2008 Detroit Nationals, represented by Coaches Anh, Huy, Long and Alvin. It was the eye-opener when none of them qualified for the US National Team. Determined to prove their worth, Team-M returned the following year, and Coach Alvin, Coach Albert, and Rocky (a former team member), became the first members to join Team USA.

Inspired by their success, Team-M strived to compete on both the National and International stage. By 2014 the team had 20 athletes on the National Team. In addition, Coaches Huy, Alvin and Albert made history by competing in the Senior Male Recognized Team division at the 2014 World Taekwondo Team Championships and bringing back the only Gold Medal in that division for the United States.

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In December 2016, Team-M founded its Community Poomsae Program (CPP) in response to an ever-increasing demand for high level poomsae training. Initially, coaching was given through Skype to athletes throughout the US, but as local popularity grew, in-person group training was offered on Sundays. Team-M’s CPP has continued to expand, with many of its athletes becoming National and World medalists.

CPP provides athletes with a healthy environment in which to train, as team members are extremely supportive of each other and strive for collective, rather than individual, success. This team mentality expands beyond the mat, with parents, siblings, coaches and athletes all travelling, eating, and cheering as one.